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Small Penis FAQ

Men have worried about their cock size since the beginning of time. Is it too little? is it shaped right? Will it satisfy a women? Can I make it bigger? Am I a pathetic small penis sissy loser forever destined to be shamed and tormented about my sexual inadequacies and needs to be humiliated by a beautiful dominant woman in order to achieve an orgasm?

Well, we got the answers for you!

Is My Penis Too Small?

If you have to even ask that question, then the answer is YES! Your penis is too small. And you probably are a real disappointment to women in bed. In fact, you probably are in need of some extreme small penis humiliation in order to even achieve a piddly little erection with that smaller than average cock poking out from between your legs. But before you totter off and cry yourself to sleep over the fact that any REAL woman would laugh herself silly over your tiny toadstool, read on-

Do You Find Having Women Humiliate You For Your Cock Size Strangely Arousing?

Yes, sure you do! All tiny dick males LOVE having a Mistress, Dominant Wife or bitchy Mother In Law scold and berate them for their complete and total sexual inadequacies! It's common knowledge that most men with below average size penises need a blistering humiliation session at the hands of a beautiful woman, frequently accompanied by the performing of self-masturbation and degrading sexual acts on the part of the little dick loser in order to aid the Domme in her "training" lesson.

Does Having A Small Penis Make Me A Sissy?

Usually. Most little cock men often need to be feminized and dressed as a sissy maid in order to find their real sexual destiny. Often a dominant wife or Mistress will assist in training the newly feminized male in his "duties" - showing him how to cross dress in an attractive fashion, teaching him to suck cock and often savagely sodomizing him with a strap on to induce him to behave properly. Often the newly minted small penis sissy will be loaned out to other men for sexual favors and to keep them sexually entertained at all male parties and gay clubs.

Are There Penis Enlargement Techniques That Actually Work?

Fuck no! What kind of moronic idiot thinks a pill or "exercise" is going to make their dribbly little cock grow? If you were born with a pathetic little man carrot, then that's the humiliating cruel joke Mother Nature has played on you - and you can expect a lifetime of stinging embarrassment and perverse sexual harassment at the hands of beautiful and sexually SUPERIOR women. Get used to it, you're a loser, little man!

Can I Find Women To Humiliate My Small Penis?

YES! Lucky for you there is a select cadre of beautiful DOMINANT women who specialize in male small penis humiliation techniques and practices. These specially selected and genetically superior females offer worthy little dick men their talents - but at a price! SO if you have a little dick AND a little wallet, don't bother us!

BUT if you CAN handle the minimal charge, then prepare to have the small penis fetish adventure of your LIFE!

If You Have A Small Penis And Need To Be "Trained" By A Superior Woman

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